There are many sources of information about real estate on Nantucket and we are pleased to offer this consolidated guide that addresses the most common questions asked by buyers.

About the Nantucket Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB)

We hope that you are as happy as we are to be on Nantucket.  One of the qualities that makes our island unique is the appreciation we have for the natural and historic environment, as well as for each other.  Please try to respect local traditions and rules and regulations to help improve the experience of being here for everyone.  We truly all are in the same boat here!

NAREB was founded in the mid 1980s by the few principal brokers operating on Nantucket at that time. They  felt that the island community would be better served by having an organization of professionals who worked in a cooperative manner, had consistent standards, and shared information.  Founding members included real estate legends Grace Coffin, Marjorie Colley, Hammie Heard, Ann Killen, and H. Flint Ranney.

In the early years, before the advent of computers and the internet, the organization had fewer than a dozen members and no multiple listing service! Meetings were held in the back room at the Jared Coffin House.  There are now 53 NAREB brokerage firms, representing 312 Brokers and Sales Associates as well as 9 Associate Appraiser members. 

In addition to engaging LINK Nantucket, our own multiple listing service, NAREB produces a high-quality color publication called Nantucket Home Magazine, oversees professional standards for our members, volunteers in the community, supports many of Nantucket’s non-profit organizations and offers continuing education to our members.  The majority of NAREB members live and work on Nantucket year-round and serve the community in many ways, including giving of their time to committee and volunteer work.  Our members are professional, informed and are the consummate resource for information on everything related to Nantucket.

On behalf of the Executive Board of NAREB, Welcome to Nantucket!

Penny Dey, NAREB President 2023
Brian Sullivan, Vice President
Susan Shepherd, Treasurer
Kate Sayle, Secretary
Deb Killen, At Large Member
Robert Sarkisian, At Large Member