A Guide for Short-Term Rental Owners

Dear Neighbor, The endless popularity of Nantucket and the growing trend to work remotely has impacted noise, traffic, outdoor lighting, local housing, and general quality of life considerations on this special and fragile island. The worsening of these problems is due to many factors, and, as owners who host new island guests every year, we need to do our part to improve the situation. Not all problems can be legislated away, and it is for this reason we, as short-term rental owners, are taking the initiative to make improvements. You will find attached to this letter a “Pledge” to include in your lease/online listing platform along with one for your guests. We are asking you to contribute to a registry of rental homes/guests in anticipation of town enforcement. Also attached is a pledge to give your neighbors, so they are aware and can support self-policing. Also, we would ask all owners to proactively screen their prospective renters, both for the protection of their own property as well as to maintain the quality of neighborhood life. In summary, if we are unable to self-regulate in some manner, ultimately regulation and restriction will be forced upon us. Thus, let’s try the “Good Neighbor” approach as a first step. What does the “Nantucket Good Neighbor Pledge” mean in practice?
  1. Screening your guests and make sure they understand the fragility of Nantucket and the respect it deserves while visiting.
  2. Communicating to the importance of limiting:a. Outdoor Noise: Nantucket is a peaceful place, with a vibrant downtown. Honor the town’s noise bylaws as appropriate to your neighborhood. If you want to make noise, do it at one of our many fine establishments in the Town core. Have fun, but realize we are all on a small island where noise travels easily and farther than you think! b. Exterior Lighting: Nantucket is blessed with the celestial wonder of the Milky Way and meteor showers that can no longer be seen in many places. By facing exterior lighting downward and using it only when and where it’s absolutely needed, we can enjoy our skies and protect our wildlife.
  3. Traffic: There are many ways to see Nantucket beyond a car for those that are able. Bike paths and the NRTA/WAVE connect every major road, and there are hundreds of acres of trails and paths that intersect numerous conservation areas. Nantucket is also such a size that biking or walking, when possible, could be faster than driving. Uber, Lift, and a plethora of local taxis service the island, call one and ditch the need to park!
  4. Leave only Footprints: Nantucket is here for all of us, and continuing the tradition of beautiful landscapes can only happen with our commitment to leaving only footprints when enjoying Nantucket. The island was left beautifully for US to enjoy: let’s do that!
Nantucket Together