LINK Description

The Nantucket Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) utilizes LINK Nantucket, a customized multiple listing service designed to meet the unique needs of Nantucket. 

The listing service is web-based and offers real-time information on property listings, sales, and market trends and data. It also disseminates information broadly and quickly to over 25,000 registered users, both through public syndication and agent-driven client access. 

LINK Nantucket has a robust data feed program and syndicates directly to many third-party sites, among them, ListHub, and Zillow. 

LINK tracks site activity for NAREB by Agent and Consumer users. A few interesting statistics for perspective:
— There was a record number of total logins of 27,000 in July 2021.
— There were 14,600 agent and 12,500 consumer logins in July 2021.
— In August 2020, the service sent out over 90,000 emails.
— Since 2017, the inventory for sale was at a high of 519 properties; the low was January 2022 with only 66 properties for sale on Nantucket. 

Please contact your agent for complimentary access to LINK Nantucket.