National Grid: supplies electricity to Nantucket Island via two undersea cables. 

Local number: 508-325-8000 

Town of Nantucket Energy Office: The Energy Office provides guidance & assistance for island wide energy projects and initiatives approved by the Town Manager and Select Board and offers information on solar energy. Working with the Town Planning & Land Use Services Dept, with grants from Mass (DOER), the Energy Office has installed six public electric vehicle charging stations at three locations: behind the Town Hall Annex at 37 Washington Street, at Nantucket High School, and at Hanger #2 on Airport Road. 

2 Fairgrounds Road: 

Harbor Fuel: 11 Industry Road; 508-228-2411 

Nantucket Energy: 25 Bunker Road; 508-228-6240 

Yates Island Gas: 11 Industry Road; 508-228-0725 

Wannacomet Water Company: 

1 Milestone Road, Nantucket MA 

508-228-0022; fax: 5083255344 

The Water Department is an Enterprise Fund of the Town of Nantucket. An Enterprise Fund is a fund to account for an operation for which the Town charges user fees to pay for services to the public. The Water Department is governed by an elected fivemember Nantucket Board of Water Commissioners charged with the administration and operation of the Company and to oversee water services provided to the Town of Nantucket. 

A Wannacomet staff person is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. After normal business hours for an emergency contact them through The Nantucket Police Department 

Verizon: offers telephone and internet service on Nantucket 

Residential: 800-837-4966 • Business: 800-838-9426 • TTY: 800-974-6066 

Comcast/Xfinity: offers telephone, internet, and television service on Nantucket 

Island office at 1 Monomoy Road 


HughesNet: offers satellite internet 

Cell Phone Networks on Nantucket are: 


AT&T Wireless 

Verizon Wireless 

Comcast Business Mobile 

Xfinity Mobile for Residential 

Other companies like Cricket and Boost use networks owned by companies listed above. 

Coverage details at